Chuck Wendig seems upset.

No, we don’t expect you to know who is he, we didn’t and honestly, we still don’t (although his bio suggests he may be a writer of some sort) BUT after going through thousands of Kavanaugh meltdowns on Twitter, he should be famous for this one.

Like seriously, we need a Freak Out Hall of Fame or something for a meltdown like this one.



Awww, gotcha.


Vulgar language?!


Note, we typically screenshot tweets with this many curse words but since ol’ Chuck here doesn’t want us to be afraid to use vulgar language we thought we’d include them in all their glory just this once. Plus we figured many of you might want to read and respond …

By all means, Chuck, don’t smile. We couldn’t care less.

We can’t stop smiling though.

A boot covered in it? Descriptive.

Winter actually is coming so … ok.

Didn’t he already say this once?

Sassy words? HA HA HA HA HA.


Is he talking about eating babies now?

Alrighty then.

Because CLEARLY this dude is not ok.


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