After spending weeks and weeks and weeks writing about the Left’s response to even the idea of Kavanaugh being confirmed, we knew that once it happened on Saturday (woot!) that the explosion on Twitter would be monumental.

And hilarious.

The one thing we’ve said from the very beginning of Trump’s presidency is all the Left has to do is not be crazy … so of course, they went totally batsh*t.

Here are the top 10 meltdowns we could find in response to Kavanaugh’s confirmation (please note, there are literally thousands of these tweets to go through so we could have missed a few hundred … heh)

10. Stifle, Meathead!

Well, it’s like three weeks away, we hope they’d remember November.

9. Al Franken’s bestie

It’s always cute when pro-aborts talk about having daughters.

8. Good Morning Vietnam

Wonder if Dick thinks about the damage he’s done to the US by lying about his service in Vietnam.

7. ‘Conservative’ blogger



We joked that they would blame Russia. Joked.

5. Sexual assault is a rite of passage

We got nothin’.

4. So dumb it was deleted

We’ll take things that didn’t actually happen for $200, Alex.


She seems nice.

2. Knock knock.

Someone get this chick a Snickers bar.

1. All Mazie, all the time

Don’t worry Mazie, we’ll stay angry at you for what you tried to do to Kavanaugh and his family as well.

Some honorable mentions …

This charmer works for Google.


She’s so upset she wants you to give her your money.



The #spreadlove tag at the end of this tirade is what truly makes this tweet a work of art.

Not only heartbreaking but rage-making too!


Editor’s note: We will be adding tweets to this story throughout the day, keep sending them!

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