How many times do we have to remind Dianne Feinstein SHE SAT ON FORD’S LETTER FOR TWO DAMN MONTHS?!

Oh, sorry about the caps lock but holy Hell, DiFi is making this editor insane.

Perhaps Feinstein thinks her base is too dumb to know how much sneaky and sideways crap she and her cohorts pulled with Ford and Kavanaugh but c’mon. Even they should be angry with her for this failed Hail Mary that set women back decades.

To protect Roe from a judge who has said time and time again that Roe is settled law.

Seems after Kavanaugh was confirmed Feinstein was still trying to save face:


Give us a break.

And it was as thoroughly investigated as Ford’s team would allow it to be. Reminder, they refused to turn her therapist’s notes over to the FBI …

Kavanaugh replaced Kennedy who was far from a leftist judge.

And look at that, FEAR FEAR FEAR. How the Chinese spy she employed could stand to work for her for 20 years is beyond us.


Disgusting ain’t it?

Make. This. Happen. Trump.

Bring on the midterms!


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