And here we thought only Jimmy Kimmel had obnoxious, hate-filled, raging harpies as writers.

Guess writer for Stephen Colbert, Ariel Dumas, showed us, eh?

Seems she so was so glad they ‘ruined Kavanaugh’s life’ that she deleted the tweet saying so and then locked her account like a giant coward. Luckily plenty of people saw the tweet, reacted to the tweet, and grabbed the tweet.

The reality of Twitter is that tweets are forever.

Hey, at least she admitted it, that all the Left really cared about was stopping Kavanaugh and hurting him by any means necessary.

Sadly, there are still crazy people out there insisting Republicans deliberately put a rapist on the SCOTUS.

Melodramatic psychopaths the lot of ’em.

They never really cared about Ford or her allegations … watch how quickly she falls off their radar unless they continue using her for midterms.

Right? They’re usually such friendly sorts too.

Real life is snarkier than satire these days.

Truth be told, neither does this editor. He did his best work on the show, ‘Strangers With Candy.’

And let’s be honest, Kavanaugh’s life is hardly ruined.  *shrug*

If that’s the case these people must be really angry all of the time.

That explains a lot.


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