We won’t soon forget what happened to Kavanaugh, but not for the reasons the Left wants everyone to believe. No no. What Democrats did to Kavanaugh and his family not only woke up and unified the Right, but it had a huge impact on one very important demographic to the Left.

And that’s women.

From USA Today:

The left’s political posturing has broadcast to victims a devastatingly untrue message, and Kavanaugh’s confirmation on Saturday has now cemented that lesson in the conscious of countless victims, leaving them convinced that speaking out about sexual abuse is futile.

However, rather than continuing to push this false narrative, what Democrats need is an incarnation of the moderate, pro-choice Republican Sen. Susan Collins — someone willing to proclaim the difficult truth: Ford’s claims of sexual assault were not believed because they were not believable.

In other words, this whole Kavanaugh-Ford ‘Hail Mary’ will likely blow up in the Democrats’ faces. In a way, it already has.

Karma anyone?

Seems Democrats underestimated how many women have sons, husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, etc. who they worry about in this environment.

And that could (will) cost them.

Midterms here we come!


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