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WOKE Lindsey is our FAVE! Is it our imagination or did Lindsey Graham just slam a Kavanaugh protester with Monty Python?!

Lindsey Graham has officially WOKEN UP. We don’t know if it was losing his best friend that did it, or if it’s been the madness pushed by the Left over the last month because Kavanaugh threw ice in college or something. Whatever it is though, THANK THE MAKER.


It’s been AWESOME.

OK, so this could just be a reference to the Salem witch trials but OMG we so hope this was taken from the Holy Grail because that would make this so perfect. Don’t get us wrong, the comment at face value is RAD, but if Python was involved?

Wishful thinking?

Yesssss please!


We’re glad he’s on our side.

True story.


BOOMITY –> If there was EVER 1 tweet that PERFECTLY sums up the dumpster fire media has become over Kavanaugh it’s THIS 1

They REALLY tweeted that?! LOL! Senate Judiciary DROPS Dianne Feinstein, absolutely TRIGGERS the Left

‘GFYS!’ Sally Kohn wrote Repubs a letter shaming them for being worried about their sons, guess how it turned out

Can’t be SERIOUS! Feinstein and Schumer’s statement on FBI investigation into Kavanaugh DUMBER than we thought possible

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