Pretty sure it’s safe to say the Senate Judiciary has had ENOUGH of the Democrats nonsense with Brett Kavanaugh and honestly who could blame them? What a HORRIBLE few weeks it has been not only for Brett Kavanaugh and the committee but for America in general. We’ve pointed out more than once that this is bigger than any SCOTUS nominee, it’s about battling against dirty, dangerous, and desperate politics.

Speaking of which, Dianne Feinstein was less than happy with the FBI results:

And then this happened …

OK THEN, everyone can go home. Senate Judiciary has won the Internet for the day.

Have a good night.

Look at how people erupted on this single tweet:

This tweet reads a lot like Seth Abramson’s thread we covered earlier.



We’re surprised they’re not blaming Russia.

Dozens and dozens.



Awww, they seem upset.

Wonder why.


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