Think it’s safe to say the Left has completely lost all touch with reality.

Sure, they’ve always been a little ‘out there’ (and by out there we mean pretty batsh*t), but their reaction to likely NOT getting their way with Brett Kavanaugh has pushed them over the edge.

For example, look at this rage-thread from Seth Abramson:

It’s settled, from now on this editor is going to walk around shouting CONFIRMED about everything and pretend it actually means anything.



Seth really needs to show his work because nothing has been corroborated. Heck, Ford’s own witnesses contradicted her and Swetnick herself blew her credibility.

Corroborated, that’s adorable.

Ummm, Kavanaugh already provided testimony under oath, why would he do it again?

Same with Ford.

ROFL, 18 witnesses.

The others were proven not to be credible …

Seth’s rant: IGNORED


Ok, drama queen.

There it is again … CONFIRMED.

He’s trying so hard.

Notice how he doesn’t provide any sources in this rant.

The only real miscarriage of justice that’s actually taken place is the gross abuse of the FBI by whiny senators who just can’t deal with the fact that Kavanaugh is going to be confirmed.

This has been debunked so many times this editor has lost count.

Womp womp, sorry Seth.

Mother Jones. HA HA HA HA HA HA.

See what we mean? They’re mental.


Whacked out.


And all because they haven’t been able to destroy an innocent man. Think about that.