Senate Dems claim there is information in Kavanaugh’s past FBI background checks that show involvement in either inappropriate sexual behavior or alcohol abuse.

Because of COURSE, they did.

The statement Seung Min Kim linked to is from Little Dicky Durbin. Now, if you read the statement it doesn’t say much of anything other than they’re angry about everything, Republicans are mean, and Kavanaugh is still a big ol’ poopy head.

Seriously, the whole letter is just a rehash of stupid from the past three weeks, but they know their base will see tweets and claim the investigation proved Ford’s allegations and may have even discovered something new.

Which is not the case.

Notice on the signatures … something is missing.

Awww, Chris didn’t sign it. We’re seeing various tweets stating he didn’t sign it because he hadn’t seen it and even that he has signed it now but it’s Twitter, so take that with a grain of salt.

What it looks like to us is they’re trying so hard just to save face at this point. Even some on the Left admit this has not been the Democrats’ finest moment.

Another name is missing, and that one is even more telling than Coons.

Wouldn’t count on it.

This has never, ever been about Ford or even Kavanaugh. From the VERY beginning, Democrats were determined to do anything to stop Kavanaugh, even if it meant trying to destroy his person, his reputation, his livelihood … his family.

And now that they got their way with the FBI investigation, it’s not good enough.

McConnell was right to file cloture – it’s time to get this DONE. No more stalling from Democrats more concerned with playing politics than making sure SCOTUS is able to do its job.


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