Children should be off limits.

In politics and all things.

There is an unwritten rule within decent human beings that children are innocent, and regardless of what you think of their parents, they should be left out of garbage like this.

This. Was. Awful.

It likely stems from the piece of testimony where Kavanaugh said his 10-year-old daughter prayed for Ford.

And that’s how the Left responded.

Classy eh?

Speaking of classy, look at this crap from the tough guy who magically got PTSD from firing a gun:

Would it be immature to say his last name suits him?

Awww, shew, he can make that joke for us.

Thanks, man.

His bio does have a good deal of different employers listed.

Brutal. But it’s the reality of the behavior and attitude we’re seeing from the Left around Kavanaugh and his family.


Our work here is done.


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