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WOMAN UP will ya'?! Dana Loesch LIGHTS Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez UP for lame debate/catcall excuse

Unless you reside under a rock, you’ve likely heard about the excuse Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fed Twitter for refusing to debate Ben Shapiro even though he offered to make a donation to her campaign if she did.


A $10k dollar donation in fact.

And instead of ‘womaning up’ and accepting his offer she pulled the ‘I’m just a girl’ card and compared his request to debate to a catcall.

Yeah, it was dumb, we know.

Dana Loesch had some words of wisdom for Alexandria … and we’re pretty sure she won’t like them.

Dana makes a great point.

If Alexandria can’t handle a debate with Ben what makes her think she can be a legislator?


And speaking of pathetic.



Did she really think this was a gotcha?

And put down the glitter glue.


Vince is missing the point.

Don’t be Vince.

Was this a short joke about Ben?

We kid, we kid!

C’mon Alexandria, just debate the guy. Woman up.


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