Kennedy took ‘Messiah Bernie’ and his ‘disciple’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez APART in a hilarious spot about Medicare for all.


Socialists want to raise your taxes by tens of thousands of dollars and then cut doctor’s pay by as much as 40% and that somehow equals everyone having free healthcare. But to Kennedy’s point, and based on reality, none of this sounds free.

Doctors probably aren’t lining up to hand over huge parts of their paychecks.

Yeah, they’re super evil for wanting to keep the money they actually EARN.

Right? It’s such a smart way to educate people about what’s really happening with these ridiculous ‘promises’ Bernie, Alexandria, and other Democratic Socialists are making. Hopefully, the young people who we know they’re targeting with this nonsense will listen, laugh, and learn something here.

But we’re not counting on it.


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