Sharyl Attkisson’s latest piece on the intelligence community’s ‘insurance policy’ when it comes to Trump is fascinating and terrifying all at once.

From The Hill:

Assume, for the sake of argument, that powerful, connected people in the intelligence community and in politics worried that a wildcard Trump presidency, unlike another Clinton or Bush, might expose a decade-plus of questionable practices. Disrupt long-established money channels. Reveal secret machinations that could arguably land some people in prison.

What exactly might an “insurance policy” against Donald Trump look like?He would have to be marginalized at every turn. Strategies would encompass politics, the courts, opposition research and the media. He’d have to become mired in lawsuits, distracted by allegations, riddled with calls for impeachment, hounded by investigations. His election must be portrayed as the illegitimate result of a criminal or un-American conspiracy.

To accomplish this, bad actors in the intel community could step up use of surveillance tools as a weapon to look for dirt on Trump before his inauguration. They could rely on dubious political opposition research to secretly argue for wiretaps, plant one or more spies in the Trump campaign, then leak to the press a mix of true and false stories to create a sense of chaos.

Read the whole piece HERE.

This is one of those pieces that as you read it you think to yourself, ‘Holy crap, she’s right.’ We see and hear so much noise that it’s easy to get confused about what is actually going on, and as usual, Sharyl spells it out in a way that anyone can understand.

Even this editor.

Makes perfect sense if you think about it … which is chilling.

So of course the Left was front and center to attack Sharyl and the piece:

Yeah, lots of traction.

*eye roll*

She says from the beginning of the article, ‘Assume for the sake of argument …’

What do you want to bet the folks complaining didn’t bother to read the piece?


In reality all the piece really does is spell things out …

No wonder the Left has their britches all bunched up over it.


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