Chelsea Handler wants everyone to think that if (when) Brett Kavanaugh is officially appointed to SCOTUS that Trump will turn into a dictator, abortion will become completely criminalized, and we’ll all DIE because our access to health care will be taken away.

In other words, she’s desperately trying to scare the Hell out of people so they’ll call their senators and babble at them about how evil Kavanaugh is.

It’s pathetic, right?

See for yourself.


Told you, she’s nutty.

Us either!

It’s ok when her team does it, silly.

What did Obama say? If you don’t like it win an election.

Truth be told even WE’RE getting bored of writing about her.


Side note: The responses on her thread are SO FOUL (yet pretty damn funny) that even we can’t include them in an article. For example, there is a certain video of her where she’s swimming and yeah … if we see that video one more time we may run screaming from our offices.


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