Your favorite hall monitor and ours, Brian Stelter, seems to have taken issue with Trump quoting Graham Ledger of OANN although to be fair, he gets fussy with any outlet that Trump seems to pay attention to.

We’re starting to think Brian does not have the healthiest relationship with the president … or about the president since Trump ignores him.

Pretty sure Brian has NO business talking smack about anyone else’s ratings.


How many times have we written that Brian is his own worst enemy? Thank goodness this isn’t a drinking game or we’d never be sober.


And three more people … EL OH EL.


You’d think?

Or not.

Shhhh, don’t get so defensive Bri. It’s just Twitter.

Ding ding ding.


Huh, gosh, we don’t see CNN anywhere there … womp womp.

All Brian knows is that for some reason it wasn’t fair for Trump to quote some guy on OANN.

Then again, a bologna sandwich is more trustworthy than CNN, but fair.


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