Like the rest of us, Jim Geraghty is wondering how a story about 11 kids being raised and trained to perform school shootings in a compound in rural New Mexico isn’t a top story today …

Holy @#% indeed!

They were starved and being trained to technically commit acts of terrorism.

You’d think the media would be all over this …

Eleven kids.


Why oh why is this not the top story today? Jim is right …

Oh, that’s right.

Our bad.

Sadly no. Wrong ‘type’ of terrorist. Now, if this was some evil white guy who was a member of the NRA and was teaching these kids how to prep or something you bet your sweet arse they’d be all over it today.

Things they are only truly interested in reporting on when it suits their narrative.

That. ^

Freakin’ Amish, every time!



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