Bill de Blasio is doing his best to protect those poor unions since New Yorkers DARED to try more economically feasible methods of transportation to get around New York City. The nerve of these people to want OPTIONS when they get around, how dare they!?

Imagine passing a law to limit choice to protect the unions. Unbelievable.

And wow, the fact de Blasio is pretending that stopping ‘unchecked growth’ is a good a thing tells you everything you need to know about how awful the Left’s platform really is …

That’ll show those evil people trying to make money without the unions!

So obnoxious.

Jazz Shaw blasted him:


Like a good Democrat, always putting the unions ahead of the people. But, to that point, these people keep electing these Democrats so it’s hard to feel overly sorry for them.


And right at home in New York City apparently.


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