Democrats seem a little sensitive about their STUNNING loss in Ohio on Tuesday night; heck, even Alyssa Milano claimed the Green Party was responsible because it was filled with a bunch of Russian trolls.

No, we’re not making that up.

Imagine being so ARROGANT about your politics that you assume if you lose someone had to be cheating.

Our favorite parody, Sean Spicier, continues to rattle the Left’s cage with his tweets (thank GOD), his latest being nothing more than sending congrats to the Left for their loss … and man, did he tick a few people off. Side note, we’re still shocked people think he’s the real Sean Spicer but you know, no one ever claimed these folks were the brightest crayons in the box.

Man, Sean was just saying congrats! And yeah, they ALMOST got a whole vote in Congress and everything, those lucky dogs. So close!


What’s Mueller going to do to a parody? Imagine being so distraught politically that your only hope is that some investigation will pan out and magically get rid of the guy you don’t like. Welcome to 90% of people on the Left.

Whoa, so angry! Another November threat.

And yeah, we’re seriously worried about that whole wave and tsunami thing …

FYI she did delete this one but not before Sean grabbed it. Poor dear.

Class is our new thing too.

Can’t you tell?

We were actually able to pull some tweets before they were deleted, usually, we have to rely on Sean himself to ‘capture’ these folks:



This guy must hang out with Alyssa Milano.


They’re all so used to getting participation trophies they’re just not sure how to deal with a real loss … clearly, they’ve been crying about 2016 for 18 months now.


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