Just when it seemed Twitter would never actually enforce their Terms of Service fairly across the board regardless of political beliefs, ‘Jason’ (who is apparently verified enough he can go by one name, sorta like CHER) got smacked down for attacking Jack on a thread explaining why Twitter hasn’t taken InfoWars off their platform.

How DARE they lock a blue-check Lefty! Doesn’t Jack know who he IS?!

Yeah, it’s hilarious when you get locked down for your opinions, right?

Literal chills.

Eh, that’s not exactly what got him in trouble … would appear he said a whole lot more than that.

To clarify, you probably shouldn’t tell Jack to eat f*cking sh*t … it’s not rocket science, man.

And he was only locked, not suspended. So while this was a step in the right direction it’s still not great. Conservatives would have likely lost their accounts for good if one of them had tweeted what Jason did.

Speaking of what he tweeted, there were actually two tweets:

Now THAT’S a healthy conversation.

And he’s seriously surprised he got in trouble, which says way more than his ridiculous tweets to Jack.


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