Welp, there it is.

Apparently, if you’re a Conservative and you talk about being censored, or censorship in general, YouTube will censor you.

Sounds legit.

From The Federalist:

YouTube just censored another one of Prager University’s educational videos, and this time YouTube went after one criticizing censorship.

Prager University also goes by Prager U. The video in question features Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberly Strassel, who explains common tactics leftists use to shut down free speech from conservatives, including intimidation, harassment, and blackmail.

So a video talking about how the Left censors the Right has been censored.

By YouTube.

This might actually open up some sort of third dimension, just sayin’.

You get censored, and you get censored … EVERYBODY’S GETTING CENSORED!

FFS YouTube, really?!

Don’t look at us man, we just work here.

Right? If we don’t laugh we’ll never stop crying.

Alrighty then.

Whatever YouTube, you be you.


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