Oops! A Democrat blamed Trump for the California wildfires … DRINK.

Oh, and he used climate change as well so DRINK A DOUBLE.

Holy cow, you’d think after 18 LONG MONTHS Adam Schiff would at some point stop sending so many silly tweets but nope. This time he’s seriously blaming Trump’s lack of a science adviser for climate change and ultimately wildfires.

Aren’t you glad you had those two drinks now?


You know the face your dog makes when he or she hears a high-pitched whistle? How they tilt their head? Yup, we just did that.

Now now, Schiff is a Democrat so he thinks he knows better than every person in western forest management and clearly this is Russia’s fault.

Wait, climate change.

Heck, let’s just blame them BOTH.

Trump made California burst into flames, duh.


Man, does Schiff have egg on his face now or what?

No, our bad, that’s just how his face looks.

So Trump lacking a science adviser DIDN’T cause the wildfires or climate change.

Who knew?

And curtain.


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