As Twitchy readers know, Ben Shapiro offered to donate $10,000 to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign if she would debate him. That’s all she had to do to raise a substantial amount of money, and if she’s truly as confident as she claims to be in her ideas and political beliefs then surely this would be a super easy offer to accept.

Unless of course, she knows she’s full of it and running out of bumper sticker catch phrases to put out there and would only look stupid when pushed to answer the question she keeps avoiding … HOW WILL WE PAY FOR ALL OF THIS FREE STUFF?

Or she could just claim it was misogynist of Ben to ask her to debate in the first place.


Is she SERIOUS?! Wait, don’t answer that, we know she is.

Ben Shapiro asking her to debate is supposedly a man with bad intentions, like any other man catcalling a woman on streets …

Just freakin’ wow.

There’s that.

And that.

Nope. Would appear she is all talk and no substance, which most everyone knew already anyway.

Don’t pick on her, she’s just a GIRL ya’ know.


Further translation, ‘Because I’m a girl.’

Not ALL female debaters, just sayin’.

Because nothing says girl power like playing the, ‘I’m just a girl,’ card.

But tell us more about that whole blue tidal wave thing.

Indeed she is.


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