That’s it.

Everyone can go home.

The Onion won Twitter and the Internet as a whole with this tweet about Rachel Maddow and her show.

It sounds like The Onion thinks Rachel’s show is a tad on the pointless side.

Hey, it’s not her fault that she sounds like every adult in a ‘Peanuts’ cartoon, right?

That was a big ol’ nothing-burger, remember that? How much they pushed her big breaking story about Trump’s tax returns?

Good times.

Or is real life more like satire these days?

Perhaps we’re overthinking things.

And speaking of overthinking things, the Resistance was none too happy with The Onion for making fun of their hero.

Would she? About what exactly?

And apparently, they’re unfamiliar with The Onion.


A person named ‘Vote. Them. Out.’ doesn’t seem all that amused with The Onion’s tweet …

It’s a joke! Lighten up, Francis.

True dat.

And that’s why WE love it. The Resistance? Not so much.


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