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'Stunningly Unwise': Pastor Deserves ALL the Heat for Saying PTSD Isn't Real


There is a good faith debate and discussion to be had around mental health, medication, and therapy. It is a complex issue that is unique to each individual and his past experiences. 


However, there is no place -- especially not in Christianity -- for denying the existence of things like obsessive-compulsive disorder, ADHD, or PTSD.

It not only shames those who live with mental illness or challenges, it is not reflective of the 'love thy neighbor' attitude commanded in the Bible.

So watch pastor Jon MacArthur blow up any credibility he had by saying those conditions don't exist:


Just wow.

So incredibly disappointing.

X users -- many who have mental health concerns -- were quick to point out the error of the MacArthur's statements:

It's always amazing.

Yes it is.


No, he doesn't. He doesn't have a clue.

All of this.

It really is a slap in the face to all of these people, many of whom are probably Christians, too.

It is ignorant and cruel.


And it's getting the ratio it deserves.


It is very harmful.

And it's why Christians get smeared as anti-science, too.

So to say it's not real is insulting and wrong.

Not a damn thing.

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