Biden’s fan-fic about the time he saw two men kissing? CREEPY, yo.

Because that is EXACTLY what this is right here, fan fiction, made up by the sitting president of the United States. Considering he’s lied about well, everything, this shouldn’t be all that surprising but he has to KNOW there is SO MUCH out there disproving this ridiculous lie about him supporting gay marriage.

Since high school? What, did he see two male dinosaurs smooching or something?





Kal Penn really should have called him out … KIDDING. We all know that would never happen.

Let’s go to the replay, shall we?


We can’t help but wonder if one of these two guys kissing was Corn Pop?


So much evidence proving he lied.

And again, Kal just sat there with this thumb up his backside.

Oh, it got dumber …

Babysitting Congress.

Kal should have just asked the president to bend over and make it easier for him to kiss his a*s.



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