Before we go any further, check out that alliteration in the headline, right?


ANYWAY, we had to write about the Left’s meltdown over Andrea Mitchell DARING to cover Biden and his terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad Communist Chinese balloon. Seems they want her to cover other less damaging things to the potato in the White House.

You guys, this never fails to crack us up:


Awww, there’s that ‘but Trump’ we’ve been missing.

Ok, so we haven’t really been MISSING it.

And they didn’t spell it tRump, so it doesn’t count quite as much but still.

What sort of balloon do they think Communist China sent here?

Hot Air balloon? Kids ballon? Weather balloon?


They don’t want people on their supposed channels covering the real news.


This says so much.

How dare she talk to people who disagree with them and offer other views!

The nerve.

Truth hurts, eh?



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