We’ve covered some pretty bad takes when it comes to Biden and his big commie balloon problem, from Joe Scarborough claiming it was actually a GOOD thing that Biden let China spy on the entire country to jack-a-ninnies claiming it was happening all of the time under Trump.

But this take from Whoopi Goldberg … wow.

Hey, all we can say after watching this slop is that she definitely belongs on The View:

Guess we should just be glad Whoopi didn’t use this opportunity to make stupid comments about the Holocaust again.

Hey, it’s no big deal if China spies on us …

That’s a helluva take, though.

Now now, this is an insult to absolute buffoons everywhere.

Oh, like the rest of the media and ‘entertainment,’ she’d be OUTRAGED and find a way to somehow bring Russia into this.



Since we do it too this makes everything so much better.

Repeat after us … WOOF.



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