As Twitchy readers know, Charles Jaco who was apparently at some point a fairly well-known journalist was actually locked out of Twitter and his tweet removed after he threatened parents pushing back on school boards with what amounted to basically as mass murder.

If you need a reminder of what the tweet said or you missed it:

Yikes, right?

And seriously, if Twitter actually removed his tweet and locked him then you KNOW it was bad. What we didn’t realize about Jaco was that he was fairly well-known in certain circles. We said well-known, not necessarily well-liked.

Dana Loesch with the one-two:


He tried to sue the ENTIRE Internet.

Alrighty then … HA HA HA HA HA HA


We shall place this in the ‘Things We Need Never Had Known About Charles Jaco’ column.


Full transparency, this editor had never heard of Jaco – and this was not the best introduction he could have made.

Like, not at all.

That would mean he was a real journalist and not just a glorified Twitter troll.



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