As Twitchy readers know, CNN’s Dana Bash actually called Rep. Adam Schiff out for being a lying liar.

Hey, we were as shocked as you.

The chyron writer was apparently also as shocked and/or confused as we were because he/she/it decided Schiff is now a Republican. They did this same thing when then Governor Ralph Northam was caught wearing a Klan robe or blackface in his yearbook … the media deemed him a Republican.

Almost as if you know, the media is a totally biased clown show.

Look at this:

As if on cue, indeed.

Schiff never stops lying.

Let’s be clear.

And that’s why CNN decided he must be a Republican.


Oh, man.

We’re sure he still has it and is just waiting for the right moment to release it


Sorry, we crack ourselves up.

Scary yet accurate.

We see you, CNN. We all see you.

Oh, and you too, Schiff for Brains.



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