As Twitchy readers know, a bunch of woke, mouth-breathing whiners got upset over M&MS spokescandies (her/his shoes were sexist or something) so Mars has discontinued these cartoons … no really. Think about that for a minute. We have people in this country who are so PRIVILEGED and ENTITLED that they can sit around doing nothing but getting their feelings hurt over a make-believe character selling candy.

And what’s worse is we have companies who GIVE IN to this nonsense.

Tucker Carlson really hit the nail on the head, or the M&M on the hand, with his segment on this very topic.



No offensive, sexy shoes, obviously.

We certainly hope so.

Interesting. Possible?

Honestly, we weren’t aware of the ‘lesbian’ M&M until this Tucker segment, and now that we’ve seen Grimace … we can’t unsee this.

Gosh, thanks a lot, man.

Not until they bring back the spokescandies!

Yes, everything is really stupid, yay 2023.



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