There goes Kamala Harris, reminding everyone once again why nobody likes her.

As Twitchy readers know, around the same time Kamala claimed North Korea was our ally (WOOF) she also claimed they would provide hurricane relief in an equitable way … she went into detail about how they’d focus on women and communities of color. So in her book, if you’re a white dude in Florida who just lost everything GET IN LINE, it’s gonna be a while.

Hey, we know it’s eff’d up, and honestly, from her reaction when she was asked to clarify her comments, so does she.


Smirk and RUN AWAY.

Of course.

As a reminder …

Pretty sure it’s not asking too much to ask her to clarify these comments. Obviously, she was very passionate about it, smiling, pointing … heck, we’re surprised she didn’t get up, show us her Converse sneakers and start dancing around the stage.

Ugh, such a phony.

Biden even knows it was dumb.

Ok, that miiiiight be pushing it because we’re pretty sure Biden doesn’t know what month it is but you never know.

They are.

Kamala just doesn’t care.

There’s a reason she’s the most unpopular VP in modern history.


She doesn’t have to care about what the little people really think.

Absolutely a fair point.



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