Editor’s note: French denies that he called Blaze management: “A person who works for The Blaze and who trolls me constantly accused me of calling management to complain about his tweets. I did no such thing. The claim is completely false, and I told him so.” Our apologies if our post is incorrect.

Have we mentioned lately how badly Trump broke David French? Because he did … he broke him.


To be fair, he broke a LOT of people on the Right and on the Left but this? Yeah, this is just sad

It would appear principled conservative and lead, finger-wagging scold David French is a tattletale because apparently, he tried to call management at The Blaze and get someone in trouble over a tweet.

It all started here:

The Blaze’s Todd Erzen pretty PAINFULLY reminded David about how broken he has become because of Trump …


Savage but eh … not something worth someone calling a boss over.

Unless, of course, you’re in a perpetual state of bunched-britches-itis:


He had to know this wouldn’t go well, right?

David … dude, what were you THINKING?!

Meep again.

David’s hatred for Trump has in essence turned him into a form of Trump.

He’s not unique – most Never Trumpers act a lot like the guy they claim to hate so much.

Ironic, ain’t it?

Oh man, we hope so too.

And that’s the truth.



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