Ray Epps.

Aww yes, the big tall guy wandering around telling protesters to go into the Capitol … we’ve seen video after video of him wearing a bright red Trump hat trying to instigate people to do what they did on January 6. The January 6 Committee claimed they would interview Epps and release the transcript but now Jamie Raskin is acting like he doesn’t know who Epps is?

What now?

Granted, the video cuts off after Raskin ‘reclaims his time’ but Massie’s reaction on Twitter seems to imply he didn’t admit to knowing (or caring about) who Epps is.

Because of course, that’s all we hear.

These hearings have not had the impact or sway Democrats thought they would, and as they pretend they’re trying to get answers it feels like Americans (and not just those on the Right) have more questions. Especially as we see FBI whistleblowers coming forward talking about FBI SWAT teams raiding J6ers for misdemeanors.

Crazy stuff you guys.

Oh, that’s right, anybody who questions the government about Epps is just a white nationalist conspiracy theorist.

All of this has been ludicrous, why would they stop now?

The more they hide Ray Epps, the more people will demand transparency around Ray Epps.



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