As Twitchy readers know, Stacey Abrams REALLY stepped in it by claiming men created a heartbeat sound for a six-week unborn baby to control women’s bodies.

No, we’re not making that up.

You’d think she’d know better since she’s not a doctor (or a biologist) than to speak about something medical like that buuuuut nope. And no matter how hard Glenn Kessler tries to make her look less stupid, this was bad.

And when things look that bad for someone there’s usually a tag.

Check out #StaceyAbramsConspiracyTheories (yeah, it’s sorta clunky and long but it made us laugh):

You mean that’s not how it works?


You KNEW we’d see this one.

President of Earth.


Those darn evil MAGA Republicans.

And Jesus watched over the construction site of the pyramids.

You mean it’s not?

Ugh, thanks for that visual.

Ok, we’re not supposed to use our own tweets but we can’t help it … this one is funny, dangit.


Gosh, Stacey has had a rough day.



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