Stacey Abrams has told some serious lies over the years (has she ever admitted she lost the last time she ran for governor?) but this one is a doozy. Abrams sat on stage and told a room full of people there is no heartbeat at six weeks gestation and that it’s just something men made up so they can control women’s bodies.

No, seriously.

She said it.


So, we have watched this a couple of times, and the looks on the faces of some of the people onstage with her … they seem pretty confused by what she’s claiming. The men especially.

It’s fun to watch the guy on the far Left try very hard not to react at all, but the guy to her right? He’s sort of nodding along with her and then he snaps his head and looks down. Yeah, dude, she just said you want to control her body.


A basic Google search would have saved her this embarrassing moment.

Then again, she probably knows she’s full of it and doesn’t mind lying as long as she can convince stupid people who care more about abortion than feeding their families to vote for her.

According to science, she’s WRONG.

HA! Not exactly …

Let’s look to an actual DOCTOR though, shall we:

But Stacey says men fabricated this to control her body and stuff.


Boom and boom.



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