Matthew Paul Turner is a self-described ‘Progressive Christian’.

Not sure we’ve ever heard that term before but hey, whatever floats his boat.

Seems Mr. Turner (he identifies as a he/him so we can call him mister, ahem) thinks Matt Walsh is a terrible human for trying to protect children from life-altering body-changing surgeries that cannot be undone. That’s just weird, right? Walsh isn’t telling people they can’t be who they are, he’s simply fighting against any organization or hospital that is making serious bank on ‘gender-affirming care’ for kids. And to claim Walsh will, ‘REAP WHAT HE’S SOWN.’

Sheesh, drama much?

What exactly does that mean?

Reaping what you’ve sown sounds like a bad thing, but in our opinion protecting children is a good thing.

Maybe the whole Progressive Christian thing just confuses people.

Matt just needed three words …



He means BUSINESS with his pronoun usage. You betcha.


We don’t get it.

And pretty sure we don’t want to get it.



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