Woof, you guys. Inflation went UP in August, even after Democrats and even some of their economists claimed it would go down. Gosh, you’d think with that super special Inflation Reduction Act we’d at least see a small decrease in inflation … not an increase.

Almost as if that bill is BS, it was always BS, and it will always BE, BS.

It’s basically the Green New Deal renamed to fool people who don’t pay attention past the name of the bill.

Also known as Democrats.

But don’t worry, Biden’s media is out in full force making sure we all know that it could be worse and hey, gas prices are lower.

No really.

Look at this crap.

Except gas prices are STILL too high, and they were higher even last year under Biden than the year before.

Government printing and spending money is the issue, and until they’re willing to admit THEY are the problem, none of this will get better.

The sting.

Having to choose between putting food on the table and putting that super cheap gas in the tank is more than a sting.

Prices on everything are outrageously expensive.

That’s what happens during a recession.

Sure, we set your house on fire but hey, we called 911 after the fact.


Gas prices are still way up to even when Biden took office.

This economy sucks.

Biden sucks.

Let’s hope this was the final nail in their bid to keep the House and Senate come November.

And gosh, not ALL gas prices are down.

And just wait until it starts getting cold.

Don’t worry, they’ll distract their lemming-like followers with scary rhetoric about the evil right-wing being semi-fascists and MAGA Republicans acting as a threat to their democracy. They’ll find a way to keep that 35% or so of people who support them dumbed-down and grateful for the inflation.

The rest of us better wake up and vote like nobody’s business in November.



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