It’s been almost two weeks since President Biden smeared 75 million Americans, accusing them of being dangerous extremists and even a THREAT to this democracy. Funny how time flies when you’re busy watching those same Americans drag TF out of the guy who smeared them …

What made Biden’s talking point even uglier is how much ugliness and violence we’ve witnessed from the Left and our pals in Never Trump for the past six years.

But you know, THOSE SKEERY MAGA REPUBLICANS are the real problem, and that’s why the FBI is searching for extremism ON THE RIGHT.

Who could forget the time the cofounder of The Lincoln Project, Rick Wilson went on national television and called for people to put a bullet in Trump?

Apparently, MSNBC was ok for with Rick threatening Trump.

As was the FBI.

Shocker, we know.

Note, that this video is from six years ago, and of course, that’s the defense the Left is using when they come across this tweet. ‘THIS WAS BEFORE HE WAS PRESIDENT’ … so that somehow makes it ok?


And that’s the real point here.

Wilson and other Never Trumpers give outlets like MSNBC a ‘conservative’ they can trust to say horrible things and agree with whatever narrative they’re pushing. It’s no coincidence our favorite gaggle of grifters was playing this role even back then, they knew how to line up those guest spots. This all ultimately led to The Lincoln Project which has been a fairly lucrative endeavor for Wilson and his merry band of haters. So they can’t ever be seen as extremists because THEY serve a purpose.

Miranda’s point is fair though – is this rhetoric ok? Or is it only ok because it was Trump? And does this prove a bias in the FBI?

Enquiring minds wanna know.



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