They pick on DeSantis because they’re afraid of him. Just like they did with Trump.

It would be different if Jonathan Chait’s attempt to make it look like DeSantis is trying to court anti-vaxxers if the clip he used wasn’t actually ‘American’s Governor’ being factual about the COVID vaccine. They told us if we took it, we wouldn’t get the virus.

They were either wrong or they lied.

Either way, DeSantis is correct here:

And this just makes Chait look petty, desperate, and even troll-like.

Exactly. It’s not like DeSantis is claiming people will grow a third nipple or a horn on their heads if they take the vaccine … he’s simply pointing out the reality of the mRNA shot.

That doesn’t make him an anti-vaxxer.

That makes him honest.

Such a lying dirtbag.

And finally, Christina Pushaw with the takedown:

Heck, he could be on booster 10 for all we know.

Like a good little serf.



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