We knew they’d be after Harriet Hageman after she whooped Liz Cheney’s backside so badly on Tuesday but c’mon with this stuff, you guys. Maybe talk to Harriet’s campaign or Harriet herself before running with some exclusive GOTCHA trying to prove she’s a liar.

This is just sad …

So, it started here:

Liz Cheney … a media darling. HA HA HA HA HA HA

Olivia seems so excited to catch Hageman in a lie.

Then she went on to show Hageman telling the BIG LIE.

She didn’t hear back. Except she did.

Imagine if she had waited for a response from the Hageman campaign.

Because HER story is not the whole story.

The thing that’s most annoying about this ‘gotcha’ is the original tweet has thousands of likes and spurred other lame pieces that don’t tell the whole story while the correction gets just barely a couple hundred likes.

And the media wonder why we mock and make fun of them.

Good point.

Why would you leave a message and not try and talk directly to the person?

There are literally areas of Wyoming with ZERO coverage.

We’re not so sure she’s that clever.

But but but … Liz is protecting our democracy and stuff! They have to prove Harriet is a bad person or something …

Orange man bad?



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