Think we’ll just have to admit it, we don’t speak Kamala Harris.

Luckily, most people don’t … or unluckily if you’re Kamala.

It was really funny a couple of months back when her speechwriter (second) quit and we all made jokes about not believing she could possibly have a speechwriter with how horrible her speeches were but since she’s more of a train wreck now than ever, we have to wonder if perhaps the speechwriter left because Kamala just made it up as she went along, speech or not.

That being said, if this is from a new speechwriter, Kamala should fire them.

Watch this from the VP on equity:

What? We need equity for equality because without equity it’s not equal … or equitable … Hell, we don’t know.

Watch her interpreter.

Pretty sure he’s as confused as the rest of us.

Ugh, and her voice, right? It’s like it gets higher and more nasally the more nervous she gets.

Too bad the joke’s on her.

We see what he did here.



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