As even the CDC loosens restrictions (all but admitting everyone who was locked, suspended, or entirely deplatformed for COVID pushback was right), Alex Berenson is seriously done playing, especially when it comes to former Obama bro and also former Biden lackey, Andy Slavitt. Seems Slavitt worked to use the power of the federal government to shut Alex up.

Slavitt was wrong about COVID from the get-go and was released from Biden’s COVID team pretty early on, but that didn’t stop him from using the virus and the government to further his own importance, relevance, and social media footprint.

Jennifer Sey wrote a pretty powerful and damning thread about him:

The exact kind of person Obama liked to surround himself with.

Yay us.

We do we do!

He’s one of the reasons so many people were broken by a virus that nearly 99% of all people survived. He’s why you see crazy people still driving alone masked in their cars with the windows rolled up. Scared people are easier to control.

Yeah, Andy is a boil on the butt of humanity.




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