Would someone tell Alyssa Farah Griffin she’s already got the ‘conservative’ gig with The View and can stop being an annoying scold on Twitter? Thanks. And gosh, maybe she missed it, but the FBI raiding the home of a former president is a lot more disconcerting than the Right’s ‘rhetoric’.

Apparently, Alyssa didn’t like people reacting angrily while watching their country turn into a freakin’ Banana Republic.

Tsk-tsk, Righties.

Behave yourself.


Dana Loesch was having NONE of it:

But Dana, people on the Right were angry and saying angry stuff! THAT’S WORSE ya’ know.

Oh, yeah, she shut down replies almost as quickly as Randi Weingarten does. Again, why do that? People will just quote-tweet you anyway.



And works for The View.

Seems about right.



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