We knew the rhetoric around the Inflation Reduction Act would be pretty bad the day after Democrats condemned us all to tax HELL by passing the grotesque, overreaching, bloated, a*s bag of a bill BUT wow, even we’ve been surprised at the over-the-top RAH RAH RAH we’re seeing on the Left. All we can figure is either these people don’t pay taxes or are too stupid to realize the IRS adding 87,000 new agents is about targeting THEM, not the mean old rich people.

Maybe a little bit of both.

Brit Hume did a pretty good job of shutting it all down:

Government overspending gave us inflation … so their answer is more spending. BECAUSE OF COURSE.

It’s the Democrat way ya’ know.

Oh dude, don’t do that.

Just don’t.

We know, that little flag avi makes you lose about 20 IQ points but walk away …

Brit responded:

What he said.

If only we could live through any other movie … c’mon man!

There it is.

It’s what Democrats do, they change their wording to make it sound like something’s better than it is and then push through the same garbage they had from the get-go. This is not the Inflation Reduction Act, or Build Back Better … this is the Green New Deal.

And it’s going to nuke our economy even more.

Hold on to your hats, folks.



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