Our pals in the media are going to try and make Liz Cheney the martyr-iest martyr of them all. The same woman whose father has been painted as a war criminal is suddenly the Left’s darling … and all because she hates a guy they hate too.

Not the hardest group of people to impress.

That being said, while pandering to sealions who clap at the mere mention of, ‘Trump bad,’ Liz has lost most of the good people she was elected to represent. Nobody wants to talk about Wyomingites, they want to make this about TRUMP.

And that’s why they’ll keep losing:

From The New York Times:

The most closely watched primary of 2022 has not become much of a race at all. Polls show Ms. Cheney losing badly to her rival, Harriet Hageman, Mr. Trump’s vehicle for revenge, and the congresswoman has been all but driven out of her Trump-loving state, in part because of death threats, her office says.

Mr. Trump’s vehicle of revenge.

OH FFS, give us a freakin’ break.

Yet for Ms. Cheney, the race stopped being about political survival months ago. Instead, she has used the Aug. 16 contest as a sort of high-profile stage for her martyrdom — and a proving ground for her new crusade. She used the only debate to tell voters to “vote for somebody else” if they wanted a politician who would violate their oath of office. Last week, she enlisted her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, to cut an ad calling Mr. Trump a “coward” who represents the greatest threat to America in the history of the republic.

Be prepared for a bunch of articles just like this one if and when Liz loses. She will be the martyr of all martyrs.

Can’t happen soon enough.

Technically it’s 8 now … but who’s counting?

Oh that’s right, we ALL are.



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