So the White House claims they had no idea about the raid on Trump’s home.


And monkeys might fly out of our butts.

Per source familar.


Tell us another one.

Oh, we’re not the only ones who don’t buy this:

Not by a long shot.

Not even a MILI-SECOND.

Or his head under the sand.

Both work.

Made a similar face.

We’ve known Biden isn’t in charge of jack or squat for a long, long time.

Nice of them to finally just admit it.

This will be their narrative, and message going forward and our pals in the media (minus Pete Doocy) will go along with it. Even now, people on the Left are cheering this, saying it’s good that the White House doesn’t know …

Some Americans are cheering a federal agency targeting a former president.

It’s gettin’ spooky, folks.



Now, THIS is an actual threat to democracy –> FBI raids Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home (Trump statement screenshot)

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