Stephen King was indeed pranked by two Russians into thinking he was talking to Zelensky. What makes this even worse for the Master of Horror is he was on video … oh, and he gave a rabid anti-Semite and Nazi collaborator a pass claiming he was human and all humans do bad things.

We saw the freakin’ video.

We WROTE about the freakin’ video.

But now, either Stephen is talking in the third person OR the person who runs his account is claiming this never happened.

Even though we watched it …

Stephen, dude, we saw and heard you say it.

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Let’s go back to the video!

Gosh, we’re certainly not experts but it sure looks like the Master of Horror called Bandera a great man … and then compared him to Washington and Jefferson who he said did bad things too like own slaves. Now, he could say that they edited it after EXCEPT for the fact he literally says, ‘Bandera is a great man.’


Sorta hard to claim this didn’t happen, Stephen.

Scratch a Leftist, find a Nazi sympathizer? Who knew?

Caught being the key word. Yup.



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