Cori Bush posting a picture of herself with ‘the squad’ after their fake arrest stunt yesterday during a pro-abortion rally sums up the stupidity of identity politics in just one ridiculous picture. We all know they weren’t really ‘arrested’, they weren’t cuffed, they were ticketed and fined $50 for blocking a road … we all know it was a publicity stunt for the upcoming midterms so these silly women can pretend they did something to FIGHT FOR ABORTION for their sad little lemming followers.

We all also know Cori thought this was a smart thing to post.

She was really really really wrong.

Arrest. Right. Whatever you need to tell yourselves for that GIRL POWER.

The backfire on this pic? Legendary.


ANNNNND we’re dead.

Sister-Wifey Spite. HA HA HA HA HA HA

Our sides.

Honestly, the replies to Cori’s tweet are comedy gold.

Neither is AOC.


But their followers will pretend along with them because pretending is their FAVORITE.

Narrator: Not even close, but that didn’t stop them from milking it for some Twitter cred.


That’s hilarious.

Why not both?

Much stunning.




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