You know things are bad for Sleepy Joe when his numbers look really bad even in a CNN poll.

And you know it literally pained CNN to be honest about their results.

From CNN:

The summer of 2022 is a season of deepening and widespread discontent, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS. The survey finds the public’s outlook on the state of the country the worst it’s been since 2009, while its view on the economy is the worst since 2011. And nearly 7 in 10 say President Joe Biden hasn’t paid enough attention to the nation’s most pressing problems.

Can’t help but notice the last time things sucked this bad Biden was VP … see a pattern yet?

Biden’s approval rating in the poll stands at 38%, with 62% disapproving. His approval ratings for handling the economy (30%) and inflation (25%) are notably lower. Rising costs are a primary economic pressure for most Americans: 75% call inflation and the cost of living the most important economic problem facing their family. Last summer, that figure stood at 43%.

With midterm elections approaching, the poll finds no indication that Biden’s standing with the public is improving — and among some critical constituencies, it is worsening.

Even with all of this, Biden continues to focus on the climate and abortion because that TOTALLY makes sense.


And yet the people who put him in office just can’t seem to accept the truth.

In fact, most of the responses to this poll are Lefties saying NU-UH! Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt and stuff … yadda yadda yadda.

Ummm … what?

Always with the freakin’ Ukrainian flag.

Work itself out.

Holy crap.

Is it?

Or are we looking at Twitter’s now-famous spam bots? Part of us hopes so because otherwise … yikes.



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