We’ve shared threads from moderate liberal Michelle Tandler before. Tandler lives in San Francisco, loves her home, and has been very vocal about what far-left progressives have done to the city.

And now to their schools.

This thread about what the lockdowns did (aka what the school boards and teacher’s union did) is infuriating and heartbreaking, all in one.

Take a look:

Gosh, for how much the teacher’s union talks about equity, what they did to public schools was anything but equitable. These stats don’t lie.



No words.

Luckily, Tandler had plenty.

Oh, that’s right. They were trying to figure out which of our founding fathers’ names was too racist to have on their schools. Super important stuff during a lockdown, yup.

Three of them were recalled.

They should have all been recalled but we’ll take it.

Advanced math was racist.

Alrighty then.

Kid struggling in school? Thank the teacher’s union.

Ding ding ding.

There is no excuse not to.

But you can bet your backside they’ll find one or two.

No, there are no Republican-led cities that look like San Fran when it comes to schools.

Boom goes the dynamite.



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